Primárias Republicanas: Texas.

"Again, what I find interesting to contemplate is the effect that the Texas vote will have on the immigration issue. It has been posited that Sen. McCain’s position, which conservatives in his party believe to be too soft, had hurt him in his home state of Arizona — which he eventually won, handily.
I still believe that immigration will be, if not the defining issue of the race for president, certainly among of the top three concerns. And I still believe that anyone who believes that we are going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants is horribly naïve. Not going to happen.
But restrictions and an eventual halt to illegal immigration are within reach.
I believe Texans know that fact, and I believe Texans must acknowledge how much the residents of the state depend upon work from illegal immigrants. I am guessing that our voters will not align themselves with those in Arizona in the GOP who voted against McCain for his stance.
Here is what Washington Post reporter Jonathan Weisman wrote just prior to the Iowa caucus: “No issue has dominated the Republican presidential nomination fight the way illegal immigration has.”
In the weeks that followed Iowa, other issues have fought for headline space, issues such as the war and the economy. Believe me, immigration has not vanished. It will be back in the primaries ahead of us, and it will be a key in the national election.
Texas may prove to be a barometer of just how much importance the candidates need to attach to this issue.

Richard Connor, Fort Worth Business Press. 11 Fevereiro de 2008.

Foto: "Businesses Area", Fort Worth, Texas.

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